First Post

22 02 2008

Ok, since this is my first post, I’ll start off with a little information and go from there. 🙂

Right now, I’m 3 years shy of being 50 years old and served 6 years in the military from ’80 to ’86. I grew up around shotguns, rifles and pistols and used to hunt a great deal until 1990 – no particular reason; just kind of stopped.

I’ve owned firearms for as long as I can remember. The firs weapon I ever purchased was an Interarms 30-06 back when I was 16 years old (maybe 17).
The first handgun I purchased though, was a Smith & Wesson .357 (can’t remember the model though) just after going into the military. That was probably the spark of my love for handguns. I’ve owned small pocket pistols like the Lama .380, a few 1911 type .45 caliber pistols, S&W .38, .44 magnums and a couple others.

At one point recently, I only had a 30-30 rifle, .50cal blackpowder, 2 – 12 guage pump actions shotguns and one break-action 20 gage that’s an antique.
Not long ago, I went into a pawn shop while in another town working looking for a hammer-drill. I never made it to the table that actually had the drills – I stopped at the case with pistols and revolvers.

Right now, I carry 2 – 9mm pistols (nomally) and I’ve come to Really like them – even though I’ve never been a big fan of the 9mm’s. The 2 – 9mm’s I usually have with me is the Glock 17 and the Smith and Wesson’s M&P 9mm. I’ve also never been a huge fan of the Glocks either – no reason really, just never cared for them… That’s until I purchased the Glock 17 (I was also looking at the M&P 9 at the same time, but ended up purchasing the Glock first). The M&P is probably my favorite because of the way it feels in my hand and it’s accuracy.
M&P 9mm S&W01b
The M&P comes with 3 backstraps to help fit the pistol to your hand.
When I do get another pistols, it’ll probably be this one’s big brother – the M&P .45 caliber, probably….

myGlock17 02sml
This is my Glock with one of it’s holsters – I can’t show the M&P without showing the G17 since I really like both of them.
The green you see on the back-sight of the Glock is night-sights – Trijicon.
Trijicon nightsight2
I replaced the factory sights (won’t say why… ) and they work great, but not sure about how “useful” they really are. Shooting during the daytime, they’re dead-on, but that’s not really because it’s a Trijicon Night Sight now is it?? … 🙂

This should do it for my first post on this blog. All (on topic) comments are appreciated!

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