Range Again

27 02 2008

Today was a Great day to spend at the range! It was a little windy and a little cool, but in all, a great day to spend some time practicing. Practicing for what? Nothing; just to get a little better at a few things.

GOOD day for target practice!


The roof you see on the other side of the berm is for shotguns and rifles. The shooting range is sectioned off, but to tell the truth, I don’t think a lot of people follow the “rules” of the shooting range:
You’ll see shotgun shells and rifle casing on the handguns only side of the range.. The target-boards were replaced recently (last week) and most are already gone or damaged so badly you can’t use them – most likely from shotguns at close range. This is why I started bringing my own target-boards instead of waiting to see if any are usable when I get to the range.

Most of the practice today was at 7 yards and sets of “step – draw down – 3 taps, step – draw down – 3 taps, and so on” to get a little better at movement and quick aim shooting. I’m not on any team, wouldn’t mind trying something like that, but my practice is just for self-defense type shooting.
All the shooting today was at 7 yards instead of switching around to different distances.02.beforeshooting
Starting out with targets in all four corners, but ended with an extra one in the middle.

The top 2 targets were supposed to be both of the .45 caliber pistols, but….


The first target was the Taurus PT 1911, the main group was from the bullseye and left; the strays on the target are from rapid shots. I still have to work on rapid firing and staying on target better.

Here is where it got a little messed up:
The holes in the far right of the first target and the holes in the far left of the 2nd target (and middle holes) are from the Ruger P345. The sights are really off for some reason. I only took a few shots with the P345 before switching back to the Taurus PT 1911 for the bulk of the grouped shots toward the center of the left-side target.
I need to take the Ruger P345 to the gunshop to have the sights fixed.

The bottom targets are the ones I practiced “step-aim-shoot” for most of the time at the shooting range:
Left was the Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm – Right was the Glock 17. These are the ones that were the “step-aim-shoot” 3 taps for each step. As you can see, there is a LOT of room for improvement.. 😀
While the 7 inch targets are are good enough for shooting center-mass of say a person, the seven inch area would be good enough to stop someone, but the grouping needs to be a lot better. I Probably need to take all my pistols (except the Glock) and have the sights check and moved if needed just to be able to start from a better starting point.

Last sets of the day.

After patching up the targets with the “patch-dots” supplied with the targets, I set another target in the middle and went back to practicing the step-aim-shoot sets with both the Glock 17 and M&P 9mm since these two pistols would be what I would probably be using if I ever had to shoot like this. I didn’t have that may flyers today (the holes outside of the targets).

In all, it was a pretty good day! 🙂
Just being able to get out on the range and shoot a few was great! The weather just made it that much better! 😀




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