Another Beauty From Springfield Armory

1 03 2008

Springfield Armory XD 9 Pistol

I was actually looking at this pistol before I purchased the Taurus PT 1911. I held it and even rented one to test shoot. Since it’s only a 9mm pistol, the recoil is pretty minimal and since it’s polymer pistol, there is not a LOT of difference in looks; but there Are some. Just looking at the XD 9, and even though it looks similar to other polymer pistols, it still looks different. In fact, it looks different enough to make it look Good!

The Springfield Armory Model XD 9

The XD 9 felt Good holding it and felt just as good firing it. The sights (on the one I rented), are pretty much standard sights and easily seen and used. I was impressed enough that IF I had not had my mind set on a 1911 type pistol; the Springfield Armory XD 9 would have been purchased after I was finished shooting!

The Model XD 9:

Strong side

Left Side.

Here is what I’ve found out about the pistol:

From Springfield’s Website:

Springfield Armory is a name synonymous with American firearms. Founded by the premier commanding general and the first U.S. President, it was George Washington who designated Springfield Armory as the country’s first arsenal in 1794. With its rugged, battle-proven designs and unmatched reliability, Sprinfield Armory quickly developed its new civilian market, well ahead of any competition, successfully making the transition from military arms to sporting firearms.
The XD combines safety with quality and ease of use. With the Ultra Safety Assurance (U.S.A.) action trigger system, this polymer framed pistol is as comfortable as it is safe. The XD pistol is the ultimate in polymer pistols. Adding ports to the already soft recoil, the XD provides even faster shot to shot recovery while making no compromises in accuracy.

  • Springfield Armory Model: XD 9 Pistol
  • Action:Semi-Automatic, Double Action
  • Size: Compact
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel Length: 4 Inch Barrel
  • Material: Polymer
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Capacity: 16
  • Accessory Package: 2 Magazines, Holster, Double Magazine Pouch, Magazine Loader, Lock
  • Fired Casing: Fired Case
  • Hand: Right Hand
  • Sights: Fixed Dovetail Three Dot Sights
  • Weight: 28 Ounces

Now from Wikipedia:


  • The XD can be field stripped easily and quickly with no tools.
  • Springfield Armory provides a lifetime warranty with every XD pistol.
  • The XD series has undergone a reliability test in which an XD-9 was run over with a truck, frozen in a block of ice, caked with sand, stripped and degreased, and firing nearly 20,000 rounds without a single malfunction in the process.
  • The XD’s grip angle is the same as that of a 1911, an angle commonly thought to be naturally pointable. Many polymer-framed pistols such as Glocks tend to have a more oblique grip angle. Whether or not this is a positive trait is largely a matter of personal opinion and/or previous experience. The similar grip angle may offer an easier transition to 1911 users as opposed to a Glock.
  • The sight mounts on XD pistols are essentially the same as sight mounts on the popular line of pistols made by SIG, meaning that there is a large variety of aftermarket sights that can be installed on an XD without modification.
  • The XD uses a fully supported chamber design which reinforces the rear of the ammunition case. A fully supported chamber reduces the possibility of an ammunition case rupture that could cause injury to the shooter and severely damage the gun. This is an especially important feature for owners who intend to use +P and/or reloaded ammunition.
  • The sights, trigger, and magazine of the XD are made of metal instead of plastic.


  • Though some parts can be purchased through aftermarket suppliers, Springfield Armory refuses to sell some individual XD parts. Springfield Armory’s position seems to be that with a lifetime warranty that includes repair work, parts sales are not necessary. Because owners cannot keep spare parts on hand, this policy of Springfield Armory essentially inserts a mandatory delay ranging from days to weeks between the gun breaking and the gun working again. This is a major stumbling block for shooters who are involved in competitive pistol activities, those who are using their XD on a daily basis, or those who may find themselves in a situation where continual, uninterrupted self-defense capability becomes very important (for example, during riots or a natural disaster with looting). Buying an identical second XD for the purpose of serving as a complete spare part set is one answer, but this approach is expensive. Some have reported that Springfield Armory will sell parts upon calling their customer service division, though the parts offered for sale are limited to user serviceable components.
  • Those who have tried installing after-market or custom sights on XD’s have reported that removing the existing sights can be an extremely difficult process, often requiring the services of a gunsmith.
  • Pre-2006 versions of the XD were protected with a metal treatment called Bruniral. Some who own pistols with the Bruniral treatment have reported significant rust problems – especially those who carry the XD against their skin. Current versions of the XD are being manufactured the Melonite brand of Carbonitriding, which is the same process as the Tenifer coating used on Glocks.
  • Those unfamiliar with using pistols that use ambidextrous magazine release buttons such as the one on the XD have occasionally hit the magazine release button with either the thumb or fingers, causing the magazine to drop out of the gun in the middle of firing. The user must utilize proper holding/firing techniques at all times to avoid this.

The one I’m most concerned about would be the first one about the parts, but I’m not sure if this is enough to keep me from purchasing this pistol though. I wouldn’t mind hearing from people that have gone through the parts process from Springfield Armory to see if it’s actually that much of a hassle or not.
Ok, say you “dropped” your XD 9 on the firing range and scuffed up the polymer frame – scuffed to the point you want to replace it. Is this something that’s not “parts are not necessary”?
Case in point: I purchased a Glock 17 and did so during a tornado. After the tornado passed, I was out on the shooting range and while setting up my target, I dropped the pistol. I bummed up the front and rear sight and scuffed up the bottom corner of the slide. If this were a XD 9, would I be able to replace the slide or even the polymer frame without having to go through a huge ordeal trying to get the parts from the manufacturer without shipping my pistol to them to have this simple work done??? (Just asking..)
The “dropping” incident shouldn’t be a problem anymore since any pistol I purchase now I buy a holster for it at the same time.

Most likely, this “cons” wouldn’t be enough to keep me from purchasing this pistol.

Updated 04/09/2008

It appears that Mr. “Chilli” thinks the below picture is a Glock:

The XD-9 That Mr. Chilli Think is a Glock

The Big “XD” on the slide must be a new way of spelling “Glock”…..
Probably the same way I now spell Chilli = T – W – I – T.

He must not have realized that all comments are moderated even for ones that have commented before.




13 responses

4 04 2008

WTF? The first pic is a friggin’ Glock you twit!

9 04 2008
Pistols And More

I added a larger picture for Mr. Twi… Chilli at the bottom of the post.

28 10 2008

Would like to read more about the place the gun is actually made (somewhere in Croatia). Springfield Armory is just an Importer of that gun.
Glock is shown next to the title of your review on -xd-9-review/
just to give a litlle bit credit to Mr Chilli. Thanks for a nice review.

28 10 2008
Pistols And More

I have no idea what you’re talking about as far as the “Glock is shown next to the title”.
Unless, you’re talking about my avatar.
XD9’s are all the way through… no Glocks.. Sorry..

28 10 2008
Pistols And More

I saw what you’re talking about. That’s my AVATAR – not an image from the article. That avatar is next to ALL of the articles when you look up TAGS on

27 12 2008

OK, So the world has gotten officially too crazy for me and am now purchasing a firearm and an accompanied CCWP to protect my family and myself. This gun has come recommended from one of my students and I have been doing some research and it looks like it may be ‘the one.’ My wife really liked the dual safety feature when we looked at one in the store and has even considered possibly carrying one herself. I too noticed the gun was imported and that just plain sucks. Especially after all the George Washington talk; but hey, thats America today I guess.

Just to let you know I completely understood this review and recognized the pics as the gun I looked at today. This review was what I was looking for and helped a lot. Even though, like every other forum on the internet I have to dig through a lot of ‘TWIT’ type comments.

1 04 2009

I just purchased this gun over the weekend. My boss had one, he took out me out shooting with his. I fell in love with it. I was torn between the Glock 19 and the Springfield XD 9. Soon as I shot both I knew which one I wanted.

This gun is amazing and extremely easy to clean. Only thing that sucks now if finding ammo

1 04 2009
Pistols And More

There is no denying that the XD is a fantastic pistol, but in all honesty, I would have to stick with my Glocks.. 🙂

5 04 2009

I bought a used XD 9 at a bargain price because the grip was banged up. The gun itself was fully functional and performed perfectly, to include the grip safety, but I hated the fact that it was messed up. So I called up Springfield and they told me that I would have to get the whole bottom receiver replaced, I was expecting to get charged and arm and a leg, but was pleasantly surprised that it would only be $60, and that included return shipping!! Hell it cost me almost that much just to send it to them! Bargain gun turned out not to be such a bargain, but I am never the less pleased with it. Now I want an XDm 🙂

11 12 2009

what kind of grip do you have pictured on the bottom? that thing looks awesome.

13 12 2009
Pistols And More

I think it’s a Hogg grip

24 12 2009

I just got my CHL and this will be my first gun purchase. Just wanted to say thanks for a great review. This is exactly the type of information that I was looking for.

18 03 2010

I have a XD 9mm sub-compact hardly been used, mabey 200 rounds. when I went to grab it today the back silver pin that lets you know that its already cocked was already sticking out. I took the clip out and tried to dry fire and nothing happened. Now the gun wont even cock, yet it will still load the chamber but the fireing pin wont release. Any suggestions?

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