First Jam For the MP 9

12 03 2008

I had my first jam while shooting my Smith and Wesson M&P 9 the other day. I actually didn’t know it had jammed until I took to back to the truck to re-load and noticed I still had 2 in the magazine and one stuck in the pipe.

I do not believe it was the M&P’s fault though. While loading the first magazine, I noticed a bad bullet in the box. When I went to load it, I felt the spot in my hand.

Here is what the bullet looked like:

I managed to get a couple pictures before leaving the area that day.


I think what had happened was I didn’t notice another “bad bullet” while loading – it slipped by me.

Now when I go shooting for just to be shooting; I don’t spend a lot of money on the ammo. The ammo I usually take to the range are usually boxes of 100 count 9mm’s from WalMart:

Nothing major in the way of firearm ammo – 115gr FMJ range/target shots. This is actually the first time I’ve seen a bad bullet out of the many boxes I’ve gone through. I did noticed that I’m going to HAVE to sight my M&P in better after shooting yesterday.

As much as I really like shooting the Glock, I had a M&P 9 day yesterday – no shooting anything else other than the M&P.

Here are a few images from yesterday’s shooting:

1stTarget01 1stTarget02 1stTarget03
This was after 1 magazines at probably 35/40 yards shooting slightly downhill. The yellow pole you see holding up what I was using as a target is something I keep in the back of my truck for days like today – no shooting range targets around.

2ndTarget01 2ndTarget02 2ndTarget03

I know I can’t be anticipating the recoil of the 9mm! Usually, when shooting low and left, for right-handed people – it’s usually due to anticipating the recoil and “pushing” the muzzle forward for the shot – at least that’s what I’ve noticed.. My sights must be off just a little – at least enough to go low and left.. 🙂

This was what the day looked like when I started back home from working out of town for the day in Dothan, AL.:


I figured it would rain on me all the way back to Georgia, but it cleared up by the time I got halfway home. As for rain – I don’t think it rained at all where I was shooting.

As I mentioned at the top of the page, my M&P 9 jammed on me for the first time, due to what I believe was a bad bullet. It didn’t jam again the rest of the day. As much ammo as I’ve shot through that pistol in the little time I’ve owned it – I would have to say it’s not the pistols fault – it was bad ammo.. 😉




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