Blackhawk SERPA holsters

15 03 2008

If you’re in the market for a concealed carry type holster; this one is a Great one!

When I purchased my pistols; I also bought a holster for them and the holsters I got were the Blackhawk CQC SERPA holsters.
These holsters come with both the paddle And the belt-loop attachments. The only thing required for changing from paddle to belt-loop is a philips-head screw-driver. There are only 3 screws that hold the attachment to the holster so it’s a pretty quick change over.

BlackHawk_SERPA-Front BlackHawk_SERPA-Back

These are great holsters if your not wedded to leather type holsters. These are injection molded carbon-fiber holsters and extremely durable for any environment – Level 2 SERPA Carbon Fiber Finish.

A few pictures from


4100_0 4100_1 4100_2 4100_3

Using the paddle takes a little getting use to – to find the best way to remove it when wearing it. There are 2 belt catches on the back of the paddle AND a catch at the bottom of the paddle when inside the pants. It took me a few times wearing it to figure out the easiest way to take the holster off after wearing it.

The holster can be adjusted to tilt to the desired position – the way you like it.

Blackhawk also makes leather holsters if that’s what you like rather than the carbon-fiber.

The price that I paid was around 58 – 59 dollars; the suggest retail price for these holster on

Personally, I love these holsters and within the next few weeks, I’ll be getting one for the Taurus PT 1911 I have.

Blackhawk also has a full line of other goodies; apparel, armor, bags and cases, flashlights, footwear, and a TON of other things.
If you’re in the market for a few accessories – jump over to and take a look around. I bet you’ll find a few things you’re looking for.
** no, I’m not affiliated with – I just really like their holsters! **

Something else that someone might find interesting is this:

The above picture is a set of spacers for the CQC holsters:

BlackHawk CQC Holster Spacer Kit (Pair)

This two-piece spacer kit allows you to adjust the amount of angle away from the body on any of our Carbon-Fiber Composite

holsters.  Whether you need to compensate for bulky body armor or  hip-to-waist contours.  Choose a little or a lot of adjustment.

    * Includes 8-32 screws to work with “concealment” holsters

SKU:  411400CBK

If you’re like me, the “hip-to-waist” contours are a little “more” than the average person.. 🙂




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