Glock Optics and Accessory

16 03 2008

Found something the other day while helping a friend that owns a First Generation Glock – the ones without an accessory rail.
The bottom product does just that – adds an accessory rail, an under the barrel mount for the first generation Glock pistols.

First One – Polymer Scope & Light/Laser Rail Mount:


glock-accessory-rail01 glock-accessory-rail02

From The Site:
Fits all Glock Pistols with an under barrel front accessory rail, regardless of size or caliber. Allows use of iron sights, gives fast sight alignment, easy installation in seconds, no modifications or gunsmith are needed. Gives an extra lower one weaver mount for tactical light/laser (M3, M6, etc.) attachment. Made of super lightweight & tough reinforced polymer composite. Can be used with a Scope and light/laser rail adaptor.

Item #:    T0424
Price:    $49.99

This one will fit both the optics AND lights/lasers. Not bad if your looking to work with your existing 1st Gen Glock!

Second OneOptics Mount For Your Glock:



From The Site:
The Glockmeister CUSTOM Competition Optics Mount is precision CNC machined aircraft Aluminum engineered to be the lightest (58.5 grams), most corrosion resistant and strongest mount on the market. It is designed to allow the gun to be field stripped without removing the mount, it is designed to be unobtrusive to left and right hand shooters, it does not affect ejection and allows the shooter to use the standard sights without removing the mount. The mount is anodized to Mil-A-8625 specifications, it is constructed using stainless steel thread inserts for extra strength and uses a custom made trigger pin constructed of 416 stainless steel that is hardened to 42 Rc.

The mount is designed around the C-More Slide Ride Optical Sight. We tested all of the other major optics that could be mounted on a Glock and found that the C-More performed at the top under the toughest shooting conditions. The C-More lead the rest in weight to size ratio, intensity of dot, field of view, reliability and durability. We have added the new weaver base to the mount, so shooters can use their existing weaver base optics such as Tasco and Aimpoint.

Will fit Glock models:

A capsule of Blue Loctite will be included with the mount.

Item #:    T0393
Price:    $100.00

Third OneGlock Under Barrel Rail:


From The Site:

  • Fits Glock 26, 19, and 17 (1st Generation non-rail models)
  • Maximize pistol versatility for the fitting of light, laser and optical equipment, bi-pods and any Picatinny rail mounted device.
  • Secure fit for accuracy and stability.
  • Lightweight.
  • Milled by CNC and constructed of anodized aviation aluminum
  • Easy to fit. Secured by Allen bolts. No gunsmithing or any modification to the Firearm is required.

Item #:    T0513
Price:    $59.99

This one uses the trigger guard and frame to stabilize the accessory rail. If you’re looking to add a light or laser to your first generation Glock, I would have to say this one will do the trick easily.




10 responses

15 10 2008

i just want to ask if item no. 0424 will fit in my early models of glock 17…… it has no bottom rails… i have this gun since 1994 and i’m not sure if this is what you mean about 1st generation glocks.

thank you i hope to hear from you very soon.


15 10 2008
Pistols And More

From what I understand; this fits early glocks back to 1st generation – the ones without the accessory rail.

19 10 2008

should i buy the 3rd and 1st item…. for my 1st gen glock 17

19 10 2008
Pistols And More

That would be up to you.

12 11 2008

Wow, thanks a bunch, you don’t know how long I looked online for a rail system that will support my tactical laser/light combo I wanted for my older glock. This appears that it will work for what I am wanting to do. My older glock does not have rails so I am hoping (which it should) work. Got one on order, thanks for the info, you saved me alot of headaches, money and time!

1 04 2009

I have a Glock 22 that has no under barrel rail. will the third one fit my gun as well?

1 04 2009
Pistols And More

I have no idea. That would be something you need to ask the manufacturer. I just listed it on the blog.

19 06 2009

I do have the first item, the Mako Product and I will say it is pretty nice. While I have put a red dot sight on the top rail and then a glock tactical light on the bottom, it makes the gun ominous. To add to the look I have a second silver barrel, threded out about 3/4 of an inch. I like it so far, but I will let you know how well it works in the field.

12 07 2009
aries s. velasco

how can i purchase it in the philippines?

12 07 2009
Pistols And More

I’m not sure how I would even know… I guess go to the website an order it maybe?

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