Fobus 1911 Holsters

23 03 2008

For those looking for a holster that will fit a 1911 or 1911 type pistol, Fobus makes a good one. The ones I’m talking about are the passive retention type holsters – no thumb break.

I have one for the Taurus PT 1911 pistol and at first, I wasn’t too sure about it since I had purchased a Fobus Roto holster for the M&P 9mm. I didn’t take enough time to work with it because when the holster is new (and you’ve never used one of these before), it take a little getting used to and to break the holster in. I ended up calling these holsters “Snatch Holsters” since the holster is make to be worn when drawing the pistol – not holding the holster in hand and trying to remove the pistol from it that way.


The passive retention system is the cup for the trigger guard. The pistols “snaps” into place when pushed into the holster.

The holster show in the picture above is the Evolution Series Holsters from Fobus. It really wasn’t until I got the PT 1911 and the holster with it that I actually worked with the holster to make it easier to remove the pistol from.
The are slightly like the Blackhawk CQC holsters since the Evolution holsters come with a paddle, but unlike the Blackhawk CQC holsters, the belt attachment does not come with the Fobus holsters – those are extra.

I wouldn’t purchase one and think you’re going to win any quick-draw competitions or tactical competitions right out of the gate. These holsters normally need to be adjusted and worked with to limber up the retention system.

Fobus Site’s information on the Evolution Series Holsters:

Introducing the new FOBUS Evolution Series Holster. The Evolution series is the next step in the advancement of holster development. A tension adjustment screw is incorporated to allow the user to customize the ease of presentation and the security of retention, functioning with the proven FOBUS passive retention design.
The new E2 series features one-piece holster body construction, and like all FOBUS Holsters, the Evolution, is lightweight and includes steel reinforced rivet attachment and a protective sight channel. The paddle also includes a rubberized insert to provide both comfort and stability.
Tension adjustment screw
Rubberized paddle
One piece holster body construction
Steel reinforced rivet attachment system
Protective sight channel

The Evolution Series holsters start out at around $27 to $28 dollars. The Blackhawk QCQ SERPA holsters I purchased were around $59.00. These are two different types and styles of holsters so don’t judge the Blackhawk holsters on this information.
If you feel the need to have the belt attachment AND the paddle, Fobus sells them Here: Roto Paddle Attachment.

The gunshop I go to will let you pull the holster from the bag and try it out before purchasing it. Drop by your local gunshop and see if they have any of the Fobus holsters! 🙂




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