Mistake Maybe

25 03 2008

I finally was able to take my wife out shooting the other day – after I gave her the Ruger P345 .45 caliber pistol. We’ve always enjoyed shooting, but since she’s not shot ANYTHING in years, I wasn’t sure how she would do.
Also, she had not yet seen “all” the pistols; up until this point, she had only seen the Taurus PT 1911 and The Ruger P345.

The night before going shooting; I did bring out the M&P 9mm – I did this for a very good reason..

So,, the only pistols the wife has seen before going out shooting the next day are:
Ruger P345 .45 caliber pistol
**The Ruger P345 I gave my wife**

**Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm**

** Taurus PT 1911**

If you notice – there is still one missing… 🙂 One that she’s not seen yet is the Glock 17.. I did this for a reason!
I know my wife and I was NOT going to bring out the Glock at ALL while we were out, but she needed to see and know about all the pistols. After a few shots from the P345 and the M&P 9 she decided the kind of liked the M&P a little better than the Ruger P345 – I knew this was going to be the case…. Um,,, now you see why the Glock didn’t come out at first.. 🙂

I finally got the Glock out and let her shoot it – and that was maybe a mistake! She tired her best to get the Glock! :)) I stood my ground and told her she’s not getting my Glock! (as if that ever really works)….
I finally broke down and told her she could have the Glock if that’s the one she wanted… I didn’t say anything about going to buy another Glock if she did want it though..
By the time I told her that; she was ok with the M&P 9.




One response

6 09 2009

LOL, I’m glad my GF doesn’t like my P345 or my 1911.

She has her own XD45 comapct

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