Found The One

24 05 2008

I think I found the one I’m going to go with: The Glock 39 .45 GAP sub-compact pistol.

GLOCK 39 .45 G.A.P.

Built around the design parameter of GLOCK’s subcompact models the GLOCK 39 melds deep concealment size with the power and accuracy of the .45 G.A.P. cartridge. This pistol can be considered the GLOCK for the master shooter who wants perfection in a small, powerful package.

PISTOL SIZE: Subcompact

SYSTEM: Safe Action
LENGTH: 160 mm / 6.30 in.
HEIGHT: 106 mm / 4.17 in.
WIDTH: 30 mm / 1.18 in.
BARREL HEIGHT: 32 mm / 1.26 in.
MAG. CAPACITY: Standard: 6
OPTIONAL: 8 / 10
WEIGHT: 548 g / 19.33 oz.
LOADED: 718 g / 25.33 oz.
LINE OF SIGHT: 144 mm / 5.67 in.
BARREL LENGTH: 88 mm / 3.46 in.
TRIGGER PUL: 2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs.
TRIGGER TRAVEL: 12.5 mm / 0.5 in.
BARREL RIFLING: right hand, octagonal
LENGTH OF TWIST:400 mm / 15.75 in.

Difference in the ammo:

Left: .45 GAP / Right: .45 ACP

There’s a little difference – but not much.

A few images of the Glock 39:

glock36_01 glock36_02

Glock-39.01 Glock-39.02

I went by the gunshop today and looked at both of the Glock 36 ACP and Glock 39 GAP pistols. There is a little difference in the bodies, but I think I’ve decided to go with the ’39. The price in the ammo is around $5.00 higher, but is a lot more higher when you get into the reloaded ammo. While the ammo is just a touch shorter than the .45 ACP round, the Glock 39 GAP can hold up to 10 rounds while the Glock 36 only holds 6 rounds.
The pistols is plenty small enough to carry concealed easily and packs enough punch to do the job with one round. I think the Glock 39 will do very well in either a shoulder-holster or a ankle-holster.

If you would like to read more on the G.A.P comparison with the .45 ACP round – you can see it here: “The .45 G.A.P.: Why We Have a New Caliber“.




One response

25 09 2008

Glock 39 .45 GAP


Historically I have carried a Glock 30 compact .45 equipped with LaserMax 1191 and another option.
Sometimes I carry a S&W Model 60 .357 equipped with CTC laser.
On rare “pocket pistol” occasions, I carry an old AMT Backup .380 which has been always faithful on the range (current flock of small pistols don’t offer option of external safety).

This summer I sought a subcompact auto.
Considering .40, I began reading reviews, articles, opinions and statistics but concluded that I really would prefer to stay with the .45 round.

I began reading reviews, articles, opinions and statistics about the Glock 39 .45 GAP .
I found that there are lots of opinions and ideas available on both sides of the fence so focused on the technologies.

Now I most often carry a Glock 39 .45 GAP equipped with a LaserMax 1171 and another option.
I made what I considered to be a deliberate and informed decision based on available information.
Recoil seems about the same or perhaps a bit less than on the G30.

Although I still have and practice with my G30 it is true that I usually prefer to concealed carry the G39.
Regarding my purchase of the G39 .45 GAP ?
No regrets, no looking back.
In my opinion as an owner of one, I would do it again.

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