Sig Sauer P226

20 07 2008

I believe I’m about to piss a LOT of people off with this post.

I had a chance a few days ago to take a Sig Sauer P226 out to the range and shoot about 300+ rounds through it. These were inexpensive off-the-shelf rounds that I shoot all the time through my other pistols. Out of the 300+ rounds, there were 2 jams – 1 ejection jam and one stove-pipe. This P226 was a new OTB (out of the box) pistol.
It took me a few rounds to get use to the action on this pistol and once use to it, it was a pleasure to shoot.

The Sig Sauer P226:

With Light Left Side

Right Side

Left Side

The Sig Sauer P226 Information:

The SIG SAUER® P226 is the pistol that set the standard by which all other combat handguns are measured. Designed as SIG’s entrant in the military trials to replace the 1911, today the P226 is in use by the U.S. Navy SEALs, Federal agents, and numerous law enforcement agencies including the Texas Rangers, Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Michigan State Police to name a few. The exceptional ergonomics and balance make this full-size pistol easy to handle. Available in either 9mm, .357 SIG or .40 S&W, its longer barrel yields better ballistic performance and accuracy.

Caliber: 9mm, .357 SIG, .40 S&W
Trigger Pull: DA/SA 10.0 lbs/4.5 lbs
Overall Length: 7.70”
Overall Height: 5.50”
Overall Width: 1.50”
Barrel Length: 4.40”
Sight Radius: 6.30”
Weight w/ Mag: 34.0 oz
Mag Capacity 9mm: 10 or 15 Rounds
Mag Capacity .357 SIG: 10 or 12 Rounds
Mag Capacity .40 S&W: 10 or 12 Rounds
Grips: Black Polymer Factory Grips
Finish: Nitron®
MSRP: $929, $1000 w/ Night Sights

I had NO problems with this pistol at all – except the 2 jams that were Probably from the ammo used. It was an absolute pleasure to shoot. The P226 is considered a “Carry” pistol in it’s size and weight and I really have nothing bad to say about the pistol itself.

This is where I’m about to piss off a LOT of people probably.

In my personal opinion, the Sig Sauer P226 is WAY over priced. Maybe I’ve missed something here, but I’m not going to pay the MSRP for this firearm at any time. After finding out the price of this pistol, I decided to do a little checking and in my opinion – the whole Sig Sauer name brand is over priced from 9mm to .45cal and everything in between.

There is ONE Sig Sauer I MAY pay MSRP for and that’s the P250, but that’s a different article…

I shot the P226 and the Glock 17 and 19 AND the Smith and Wesson M&P 9 and to tell the truth, I would still rather pick up a Glock than the Sig P226 if I Really needed a weapon and personally, I liked my M&P 9 better than the P226 also. I’m not saying this because of the DA/SA trigger either.

I KNOW there are a LOT of die-heard Sig fans out there; believe me, I know. Nearly every federal agent I’ve ever met carried a Sig Sauer, but take away the hype over the Sig name and all you have is a “very good” pistol – not a “great” pistol.

When it comes down to it; why does someone carry a pistol?? I want my pistol to fire every time I pull the trigger, every time I drop it, and whenever I have to fish it out of the water.

Ok, for all the Sig Sauer Fans out there; sorry, but I wasn’t impressed by the P226. Did I like the Sig Sauer P226? Hell Yes I liked it; but I didn’t like it $929 dollars worth.
The P226 I shot had purchase price of $825.00




9 responses

8 10 2008

+1 to that. I’d love to have a sig. But if i’m going to drop $1000, Its either going to be for a 1911, or two glocks!

8 10 2008
Pistols And More

I Really liked shooting the Sig, but not $1000+ worth!
Personally, I would rather rely on a Glock.

8 01 2009

I’d have to agree… Same goes for H&K’s, they’re great guns but talk about a price tag… Glock’s v. Springfield XD’s, H&K’s v. FNH or FNH v. Sigs… $1000 for a pistol? Granted I belive H&K and Sig’s both have Lifetime Warranties but so do Taurus guns.

8 01 2009
Pistols And More

Yep, Taurus has a life time warranty, but doesn’t cost Nearly as much as the others.
The PT1911 I have is a fantastic pistol.
They even took it an re-finished it because of a small discoloration that was on the slide. They sent the box, paid for shipping and had it back to me in about a week and a half.

7 02 2009

You have to really shop around for a sig.. Here in south florida, a majority of the smaller dealers charge $900+ for a P226/229 but you can find them new for $715 if you look around. Its price/quality factor can never compare with a G19 at $475, but which manufacturer can?

In my case, I never cared for the ergonomics of the Glock, don’t like its supposed ‘safety’ features and feel hesitant about carrying a striker fired pistol. Its a great range companion but it doesn’t make it to my holster. That leaves me with the following options: a DA/SA gun like the HK or Sigs or a SA 1911. Out of the three, the P229 would give me a lot of value in a proven platform and it beats a Glock on accuracy any day of the week.

25 12 2009

fully agree. I shot Sig P226 at the range the other day. I loved how it handled, it shot very accurate, etc. But compared to the Glock & the Springfield XD, I didn’t see anything that would make me fork over an extra $300 for it. I refuse to pay simply for a “namebrand”.

5 01 2010

I do also agree.. I have used seversl brands then decided to p226 my flavors. OTB accuracy was equal to my Glock 23c at 25 yds.

Thought I was getting my mesiah pistol. I suppose i will have get some work done and spend more $ on it to make me happy for the
heavy price.

One more thing… The BW p226 comes with the long beaver tail front site that was cock eyed upon delivery… It will be replaced… Not sure WTH that fancy BS is about….

Finally, I will keep it but its going back to sig for some trigger work and front site abortion…. The ammo used may not have helped in the semi-acceptible 8″ group at 25 yds…I used georgia arms 115 gr J. ….100 rounds with no jams but the slide would lock back with 5 of 7 new 20 rd mags…. Probably breakin?

Just a bit disapointed….

12 03 2010

Today I fired 100 rounds through a brand new, straight out of the box, Sig sauer P226, for it’s first time. Wow, it shot really well! But about halfway through the first magazine ever used, a shell casing jammed on the ejection. I was kinda bummed after 100 rounds because I had some sort of jam about every other magazine.
My roommate fired 100 rounds of the same winchester 9mm ammo through their brand new out of the box never before fired glock and they had no jams. I really like the way the sig shoots but got disappointed with the jams. What did I do wrong?

2 04 2010

I’ve had a P226 for years and Ive shot over 2000 rounds with it. Never had a jam or any other problem with it. I do have to agree that the price is too much for any gun. why pay that when you can get two Glocks for that price. I got mine new for $480. It was luck though!!! I have shot many guns in my life, I’m not a great shot, but I always seam to hit the target with my P226. Same goes for the Glock. Maybe I’m not a hardcore fan of the P226, but it has never let me down. Ammo its also important. Cheap ammo jams, no matter how good the gun is.

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