SR9 Recall Letter

25 09 2008

Two days ago, 09/23/2008, I recieved my recall notice on the Ruger SR9 I purchased. It LONG since been gone – got rid of it a few days after purchasing it and finding out what a lemon I purchased.

I just thought it was Pretty interesting that after 4 or 5 months from purchase and probably 3 to 4 months after the recall went out; I finally got a notice to send it in.

I thought Ruger’s customer service was much better than this..


Getting That Time

25 09 2008

It’s getting about that time again!

Time to dust off the rifles and shotguns and hit the woods!

Well,,, for a Lot of people it’s getting that time again. For me, it’s time to start stocking up on ammo and oiling up the pistols and heading to the range. The weather is becoming Perfect for it!

Most of my hunting now consists of a camera attached to a rifle stock and a monopod attached to it.

I think it’s about time to buy another deer stand for huting. While I don’t really hunt anymore, nothing says I can sit in a deer stand for hours for that “perfect shot” again, but this time with a camera… 🙂

Glock 33 and 36

25 09 2008

Since a friend of mine decided to purchase a Glock 36, I decided to take a look at a subcompact model I had been looking at for a few months now – the Glock 33.

The G33 is a .357 cal subcompact Glock.

I used to own a Smith & Wesson .357 magnum a ,, um,, long time ago. It was the very first handgun I had ever purchased and I purchased it at what use to be my favorite gun shop in Alabama – “Helm” Gun shop. The place is no longer there – the place now is a fireworks stand.

Back to the G33.

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