TAC Rail for 1st Gen Glocks

19 03 2009

For those that have the older version of the Glock pistols – the one without a tactical rail, here is a great little add-on for them so the old trusty Glock will have the ability to use rail attachments.

I make no claim to having any insight to this product and when I’m finished showing it, I’ll give a link to it.

Metal Jericho Picatinny Rail

  • Allowing rail based flash lights & accessories such as M3/M6 to be mounted.
  • Allows rear rocker switch to be activated by the fire control finger or the thumb of the off hand.
  • Three piece lightweight aluminum that easily clamps over the existing Jericho trigger guard.
  • The installation only requires a small wrench, included in the package.
  • The rail fits tight enough to retain zero of the M6 laser.
  • Machined from billet 6061 T6 aluminum alloy.
  • Hard coat anodized matte black per mil-spec.

p36 p129

p130 p131



p134 p135


Here is the link to the Metal Jericho Picatinny Rail.

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2 responses

8 05 2009
David Woroner

Hi! : ) I noticed the Glock Mount and was curious about whether or not you had seen our rail system? Ours is not for the Glock (yet! cause perhaps my favorite pistol is my G19, I can wear that thing for years and mistreat it and it never fails, ever! so, yes, im a glock fan.)
Where was I…….. hehe, oh yeah, If you have a Beretta we have the lower rail system that Beretta (BUSA) / Beretta Italy (Spa.) has accepted as their official lower rail mount for 92’s/96’s. The next one is the “milspec lower and trig keyed
” Colt Variation.)
Nothing we make is out of “Nitrolon”…..we use 6061 as the folks above do, for that Im happy to see! (The flashlight people should stay out of the “mount business/ or/ perhaps I should make flashlights?) lol…….. staying light hearted about all this is my goal… coming around and “shaking my fist at the “others” is a total waste of time!
Just thought you should be “aware” of whats out there. If you have any questions, feel free to write. (I will not post a company website, because thats not the way to do it, and, its pretty “uncool.” : )

However, if you “google or yahoo” my name, its sure to be quite ez to find.
Best!!!! Keep them Glocks Rockin’!! (Glock Armorer)

8 05 2009
David Woroner

Confirming Subscription http://www.berettatactical.com for “blog/forum”

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