Fobus 1911 Holsters

23 03 2008

For those looking for a holster that will fit a 1911 or 1911 type pistol, Fobus makes a good one. The ones I’m talking about are the passive retention type holsters – no thumb break.

I have one for the Taurus PT 1911 pistol and at first, I wasn’t too sure about it since I had purchased a Fobus Roto holster for the M&P 9mm. I didn’t take enough time to work with it because when the holster is new (and you’ve never used one of these before), it take a little getting used to and to break the holster in. I ended up calling these holsters “Snatch Holsters” since the holster is make to be worn when drawing the pistol – not holding the holster in hand and trying to remove the pistol from it that way.

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Glock Optics and Accessory

16 03 2008

Found something the other day while helping a friend that owns a First Generation Glock – the ones without an accessory rail.
The bottom product does just that – adds an accessory rail, an under the barrel mount for the first generation Glock pistols.

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Blackhawk SERPA holsters

15 03 2008

If you’re in the market for a concealed carry type holster; this one is a Great one!

When I purchased my pistols; I also bought a holster for them and the holsters I got were the Blackhawk CQC SERPA holsters.
These holsters come with both the paddle And the belt-loop attachments. The only thing required for changing from paddle to belt-loop is a philips-head screw-driver. There are only 3 screws that hold the attachment to the holster so it’s a pretty quick change over.

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Glock Tactical Light Bargain

3 03 2008

….at least “I” think it’s a bargain! :))

I’ve been wanting to add a tactical light to one of my pistols and since I normally carry the Glock 17, that’s the pistol I was looking at adding the light to.

The one I found is cheaper than most I’ve looked at and looks like its the same quality of lights costing up to $250.00.

I found this Tactical Light Here

Like I said before, I’ve been looking to “accessorize” my Glock for a little while now. The good thing about this light is that it’ll will also fit my Smith and Wesson M&P too.

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Another Beauty From Springfield Armory

1 03 2008

Springfield Armory XD 9 Pistol

I was actually looking at this pistol before I purchased the Taurus PT 1911. I held it and even rented one to test shoot. Since it’s only a 9mm pistol, the recoil is pretty minimal and since it’s polymer pistol, there is not a LOT of difference in looks; but there Are some. Just looking at the XD 9, and even though it looks similar to other polymer pistols, it still looks different. In fact, it looks different enough to make it look Good!

The Springfield Armory Model XD 9

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A DW Beauty

26 02 2008

I was surfing today looking at a few things and came across this little goodie! The Dan Wesson PM7 1911 style pistol.


From Dan Wesson:
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SR9 Disappointment

24 02 2008

See my comments on the newer article on the SR9.

A few weeks ago, I was looking for a 9mm and came across the new Ruger SR9. I looked at it several times before making the purchase. The place I purchased the SR9 from did not have any to rent for test shooting, but I have always liked Ruger and decided to make the purchase anyway.

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