First Jam For the MP 9

12 03 2008

I had my first jam while shooting my Smith and Wesson M&P 9 the other day. I actually didn’t know it had jammed until I took to back to the truck to re-load and noticed I still had 2 in the magazine and one stuck in the pipe.

I do not believe it was the M&P’s fault though. While loading the first magazine, I noticed a bad bullet in the box. When I went to load it, I felt the spot in my hand.

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Easy Targets

6 03 2008

Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) has seen political yard signs. During certain times – you will see hundreds upon hundreds of these signs of all sizes and colors.
Usually, it’s up to the person running for office to have these signs picked up after everything is over. I’m pretty sure these people will not mind you “helping” by picking up a few of these.

The most common are the 12″ x 18″ or 12″ by 24″ coroplast (corrugated plastic) signs and usually will have a simple wire-frame step-stake that holds it in place.
Both of these things can be purchased from suppliers pretty cheap anyway. Once you have a few of these – paint them with whatever color you want – if you want to paint them at all.
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Range Again

27 02 2008

Today was a Great day to spend at the range! It was a little windy and a little cool, but in all, a great day to spend some time practicing. Practicing for what? Nothing; just to get a little better at a few things.

GOOD day for target practice!
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