Glock 33 and 36

25 09 2008

Since a friend of mine decided to purchase a Glock 36, I decided to take a look at a subcompact model I had been looking at for a few months now – the Glock 33.

The G33 is a .357 cal subcompact Glock.

I used to own a Smith & Wesson .357 magnum a ,, um,, long time ago. It was the very first handgun I had ever purchased and I purchased it at what use to be my favorite gun shop in Alabama – “Helm” Gun shop. The place is no longer there – the place now is a fireworks stand.

Back to the G33.

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Looking For A New One

24 05 2008

I’m currently looking to purchase a new pistol. Since I have a “full-size” pistol (a few of them), I’m thinking of going with a sub-compact model. Something I can carry concealed easily.

Right Now; I’m looking at the Glock 36. I’m not sure yet since I haven’t really went to the gun shop and held one. I was just looking at the size of the 36 and it looks like what I’m looking for.

If you have any experience with the Glock 36, I’d be happy to hear about it!

Glock 36 Info:

Glock 36 semi-automatic sub-compact slim-line handgun
.45 Auto caliber
3.78″ barrel
6 +1 capacity
Trigger, firing pin & drop safety
Scratch- & corrosion-resistant
Non-glare finish
Polymer frame & grips
Cold-hammered, Tenifer-coated barrel
Loaded chamber indicator
Steel fixed sights
5.5 lbs. trigger pull
15.75″ length of twist
6.77″ overall length
4.76″ tall
1.13″ wide
1.26″ barrel height
6.18″ line of sight
20.11 oz. empty
26.99 oz. loaded

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