Sig Sauer P226

20 07 2008

I believe I’m about to piss a LOT of people off with this post.

I had a chance a few days ago to take a Sig Sauer P226 out to the range and shoot about 300+ rounds through it. These were inexpensive off-the-shelf rounds that I shoot all the time through my other pistols. Out of the 300+ rounds, there were 2 jams – 1 ejection jam and one stove-pipe. This P226 was a new OTB (out of the box) pistol.
It took me a few rounds to get use to the action on this pistol and once use to it, it was a pleasure to shoot.

The Sig Sauer P226:

With Light Left Side

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Sig Sauer

19 07 2008

I’m about to write a post that’s going to really make a few people mad..  Particularly Sig fans..

Found The One

24 05 2008

I think I found the one I’m going to go with: The Glock 39 .45 GAP sub-compact pistol.

GLOCK 39 .45 G.A.P.

Built around the design parameter of GLOCK’s subcompact models the GLOCK 39 melds deep concealment size with the power and accuracy of the .45 G.A.P. cartridge. This pistol can be considered the GLOCK for the master shooter who wants perfection in a small, powerful package.

PISTOL SIZE: Subcompact

SYSTEM: Safe Action
LENGTH: 160 mm / 6.30 in.
HEIGHT: 106 mm / 4.17 in.
WIDTH: 30 mm / 1.18 in.
BARREL HEIGHT: 32 mm / 1.26 in.
MAG. CAPACITY: Standard: 6
OPTIONAL: 8 / 10
WEIGHT: 548 g / 19.33 oz.
LOADED: 718 g / 25.33 oz.
LINE OF SIGHT: 144 mm / 5.67 in.
BARREL LENGTH: 88 mm / 3.46 in.
TRIGGER PUL: 2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs.
TRIGGER TRAVEL: 12.5 mm / 0.5 in.
BARREL RIFLING: right hand, octagonal
LENGTH OF TWIST:400 mm / 15.75 in.

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Looking For A New One

24 05 2008

I’m currently looking to purchase a new pistol. Since I have a “full-size” pistol (a few of them), I’m thinking of going with a sub-compact model. Something I can carry concealed easily.

Right Now; I’m looking at the Glock 36. I’m not sure yet since I haven’t really went to the gun shop and held one. I was just looking at the size of the 36 and it looks like what I’m looking for.

If you have any experience with the Glock 36, I’d be happy to hear about it!

Glock 36 Info:

Glock 36 semi-automatic sub-compact slim-line handgun
.45 Auto caliber
3.78″ barrel
6 +1 capacity
Trigger, firing pin & drop safety
Scratch- & corrosion-resistant
Non-glare finish
Polymer frame & grips
Cold-hammered, Tenifer-coated barrel
Loaded chamber indicator
Steel fixed sights
5.5 lbs. trigger pull
15.75″ length of twist
6.77″ overall length
4.76″ tall
1.13″ wide
1.26″ barrel height
6.18″ line of sight
20.11 oz. empty
26.99 oz. loaded

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Mistake Maybe

25 03 2008

I finally was able to take my wife out shooting the other day – after I gave her the Ruger P345 .45 caliber pistol. We’ve always enjoyed shooting, but since she’s not shot ANYTHING in years, I wasn’t sure how she would do.
Also, she had not yet seen “all” the pistols; up until this point, she had only seen the Taurus PT 1911 and The Ruger P345.

The night before going shooting; I did bring out the M&P 9mm – I did this for a very good reason..

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Fobus 1911 Holsters

23 03 2008

For those looking for a holster that will fit a 1911 or 1911 type pistol, Fobus makes a good one. The ones I’m talking about are the passive retention type holsters – no thumb break.

I have one for the Taurus PT 1911 pistol and at first, I wasn’t too sure about it since I had purchased a Fobus Roto holster for the M&P 9mm. I didn’t take enough time to work with it because when the holster is new (and you’ve never used one of these before), it take a little getting used to and to break the holster in. I ended up calling these holsters “Snatch Holsters” since the holster is make to be worn when drawing the pistol – not holding the holster in hand and trying to remove the pistol from it that way.

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Glock Optics and Accessory

16 03 2008

Found something the other day while helping a friend that owns a First Generation Glock – the ones without an accessory rail.
The bottom product does just that – adds an accessory rail, an under the barrel mount for the first generation Glock pistols.

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